About override finalize () method of the problem

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2011-08-23 05:33:52

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Beginner java, some concepts confusion,
System.gc () is a method of recycling garbage memory, it calls a finalize (),
that we can finalize () in the re-write some of the statements,
Then call System.gc () is executed when these statements,
then finalize () This method was originally inside what ah? It is used to do?
We rewrite is not the time to put it would have been covering up?

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2011-08-23 05:41:18
My answer:
cleared by the garbage collector before the object, call the finalize () method to clear all the activities and the release of other types may share resources. Although the garbage collector can reclaim the memory resource, but not completely or effectively close the file and terminate responsible for similar network link such a thing. This is the finalize () purposes.

we want a little help!
2011-08-23 05:46:52
Object class finalize () does not seem to, but only to the definition stated in the method throws an exception.
2011-08-23 05:49:19
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2011-08-23 06:08:33

finally keyword Java exception handling model is the best supplement. finally allows the code will always be executed, regardless of whether an exception occurs. Using finally can maintain an object's internal state, and can clean up non-memory resources. If you do not finally, your code will be very difficult to understand.

2011-08-23 06:22:34
protected void finalize () throws Throwable {}
object source, Upstairs solution
2011-08-23 06:25:52
finalize () {
which is that you should have to execute the code!
2011-08-23 06:44:51
not clear understand ~ ~ look
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